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VIP valves from Omal are controlled using compressed air as the control medium. The actuator and the valve are combined in a single product. As a result, the valve requires smaller space as well as less air consumption compared to a valve operated with an actuator. VIP valves are available in double-acting (VDA) and single-acting (VNA and VNC) versions as normally open or normally closed. We are happy to offer the matching solenoid valve or limit switch (limit switch cannot be retrofitted) as an accessory.


Ares/Atena/Zeus Schrägsitzventile

Ares/Atena/Zeus Angle seat valves

Angle seat valves are characterized by low pressure losses. Due to the fact that the shut-off body is at an angle of 45° to the direction of flow, the medium is deflected to a lesser extent. Omal's pneumatic angle seat valves can be offered with different connections as well as made of different materials. The ARES, ATENA and ZEUS types are characterized by their high tightness thanks to an oscillating/self-aligning shutter. On request, we can also offer you versions for vacuum and oxygen.

Butterfly valves

Omal butterfly valves are available in wafer or flanged versions with nominal sizes from DN 40 to DN 600 in cast iron, stainless steel or PVC. This allows Omal butterfly valves to be used in many applications in all industrial sectors. Furthermore, Omal has butterfly valves with clamp connection, threaded connection and welded connection in its program, which are ideal for use in the food industry. All butterfly valves are available with manual override but also with mounted pneumatic or electric actuator.



Ball Valves

Due to the different constructions and materials, Omal can provide the right ball valve for almost any application. Omal's ball valves go up to nominal pressures of PN 500 and ANSI 2500 and a nominal size of DN 600. They are available with manual override or with mounted actuator.

Pneumatic actuators

Omal pneumatic actuators are characterized by their durability and longevity. The linear movement of the pistons is converted into a rotary movement of the shaft without the use of gears. As a result, the actuators have lower wear, space requirements and weight, as well as lower air consumption compared to rack and pinion actuators. The pneumatic actuators are available in double-acting (DAN formerly DA) and single-acting (SRN formerly SR) versions as well as metering actuators.

Pneumatische Antriebe

Elektrische Antriebe

Electric actuators

If there is no possibility to use a pneumatic actuator and if manual operation is also not an option, the operation can be done by electric rotary actuators. Here, too, we can offer you a suitable solution for your applications.


Limit switches, limit switch boxes, position indicators and Namur valves form the matching accessories for your actuator or valve. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right accessories to equip your application in the best possible way.


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actuator accessories

Here you will find the manufacturer's product catalog and detailed information on the complete product portfolio.


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